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a. Hello!

I enjoy making technology accessible to all and advocate for the participation of designers in the open source movement 🙌

I’m Veethika, a Senior Product Designer at GitLab, based in Toronto. At present, my focus is on crafting effective and simplified experience for continuously integration and deploying code changes in the DevOps lifecyle. Other notable developer-centered product that I've worked on is OpenShift(Developer console). This is a space that I'm both curious and passionate about.

I have spent a big part of my career shaping the experience for Open Source softwares. Besides working on intriguing problems in my day job, I enjoy traveling, reading, surfing and cooking.

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B. Recent works

GitLab Issues

Majority of the issues I work with are publically accessible.

If you're interested to see what I'm currently working on, here's a link.

Go to issues

C. On the side

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Books I read recently

I love reading book and maintaining a personal library. Adding a link to my recent reads.

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Events and Workshops

I speak at events that relate to design or open source. Always on a lookout for opportunities to interact with the open community members 👀

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A day in a life

In the spirit of transparency, I document all my professional (and sometimes personal) priorities publically.

D. Blog

Illustrated banner for designer's participation in open source
Illustrated banner for designer's participation in open source
Illustrated banner for designer's participation in open source

E. Open Design Dialogues

✨ Watch this space ✨

F. Contact Me

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Have a topic of mutual interest  or an opportunity for a keynote to discuss about? Drop me a message and I'll get back to you❤️

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