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   Product Designer Developer Experience

a. Hello!

I enjoy making developer tools more usable and dreaming of an equitable internet 🙌

I’m Veethika, a Senior Product Designer at GitLab, working on improving the experience of using continuous integration related features.

Besides developer experience, I also enjoy engaging in game design projects that tackle important social- issues.

When I'm not working, I'm mostly reading, cooking or swimming. My latest goal is to become an intermediate level surfer and I'm working hard towards it 💪

b. On the side

Books I read recently

I love reading book and maintaining a personal library. Adding a link to my recent reads.

Events and Workshops

I speak at events that relate to design or open source. I enjoy interacting with the open community member, including Creative Commons.

A day in a life

In the spirit of being 100% remote, I document all my professional, and sometimes personal priorities publically.

f. Recent works

✨ Watch this space ✨

GitLab Issues

Majority of the issues I work with are publically accessible.

If you're interested to see what I'm currently working on, here's a link.

Learn More

g. Blog

Coming soon....

d. Open Design Dialogues

✨ Watch this space ✨

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